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he 90 minute Documtentary follows the Biermösl Blosn, a Bavarian folklore band, to Africa. Meeting musicians and artists of South Africa’s and Namibia’s old and new folklore and armed with a harp, a viola, alphorns and a barrel organ, the three musicians celebrate a cultural dialogue through music and dance. While Bavarian Harfengstanzel’n (harp dance music), Schuhplattler (shoe slappers) and South African Gumboot Dance, Munich and Soweto collide with each other, the satirical artists from conservative Bavaria get to know the world of Africa’s people in a melting pot of cultures in a far away land in the deepest south. The “Plattler” of the black miners tells the Biermösl Blosn about the history of South Africa and Namibia: stories of racial segregation, apartheid and colonial veal sausages und the equator – or how the Schuhplattler came to Africa…

Themes: Deutschland in Afrika, Kultur und Medien



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