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The history of a thousand-year-old Czech city, which slowly dug its own grave over the decades. The greed for coal, "black gold", has persisted for generations. Ever more hungry and more pressing, it devoured the surrounding orchards, until this belief in a better life eventually consumed the city itself. The medieval city of Brüx was razed, and so were a hundred little villages in the surrounding area. Coal mining has left telltale marks on the landscape; it has poisoned the environment and has made the population sick. Although the ongoing process of industrialization is slower than war, it is even more destructive. The film traces a nightmare: the image of an ancient Gothic city remains in the minds of the people of Most - a city of which only a huge crater in the wounded landscape has survived.

Archeology, Cities, Conflicts, Ecology, Environment, Industrialisation,History

Themes: Umwelt



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