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A film about the skin of the earth and how the forgotten people of the Dogon in Mali desperately try to fulfil their cosmological world view by courageously and tediously reclaiming every last bit of soil from a rock stricken landscape and also about planting and withering. Under the hardest circumstances of nature, in one of the most bizarre strips of land in Africa, near the Sahara, an old nation, forced by necessity, has developed an enduring handling of the earth. In the culture of the Dogon, the soil is the definitive esculent. The film tells of the people’s handling of the soil and their respect of and belief in the power of the skin of our earth. A story of creation, of cathedrals made of clay, of gardens made of stone and of the magic of clay and water.

Earth, Africa, Ecology, Nature, Mali, Dogon, Soil, Water

Themes: Umwelt



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