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Love Me You is a film about very special actors in an extraordinary theater and about the unusual love between two of them: Moritz and Nele. They both have Down´s syndrome and both act in productions of the Ramba¬Zamba Theater in Berlin - frequently playing to a full house. The film sheds light on a world which most “normal” people tend to regard as deficient. Despite the international trend of global assimilation and homogenous lifestyles, this film shows a life without the filters of society and convention: one which is not only different, but also special and bright. Against the backdrop of bioethics debate the film shows people who are assumed to be very different, nonetheless living a rich and whole-hearted life – wonderfully free from the constraints of social convention.

Theatre, Disability, Love, Trisomy 21, Humor

Themes: Kultur und Medien



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