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When Martin Humer roams through the nightlife of the cities, owners of porn bars, peep shows, and sex shops begin trembling since the "porn hunter" not only reports to the police, but also intervenes, confiscates and cleans up. His major opponents are the porn publisher and millionaire, Peter Janisch, prosecuted countless times by Humer in the past and the internationally renowned sexologist, Ernst Bornemann. Undaunted, untiring and dogged, the porn hunter fights in the spirit of the Ten Commandments and in the name of freedom - in immoral times against »the dog's dinner of a democracy that allows all kind of trash and smut«. Through the porn hunter's crusade against the sex industry, the film shows ambivalence of society’s position on pornography and its judgements and condemnations, ranging from expressions of violated dignity and fanatic moralizing to twisted sexual liberality and a contempt for human dignity.

Conflicts, Contemporary Society, Controversy, Sex, Women

Themes: Menschen+Gesellschaft



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