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Winner’s Bread

The film is a documentary satire about the industrialization of food: You are what you eat! There is a war raging under the neo-sun, competing for the stomachs of the world within the hamburger feeding containers. The film portrays chemical agriculture and the extinction of small farms; resulting in conveyer-belt food for standardized customers at countless, but only slight varied fast food restaurants. Uttering the battle cry “fattening instead of fighting”, multinational corporations, the self-appointed founders of a new world culture, conquer people's stomachs and children's hearts, while putting traditional ethnic home cooking through the mill of mass industry. For the hamburger-strategists in the Pentagon of Fast Food Offensives, the weapon for conquering the stomachs of the world is a floppy piece of meat between two spongy pieces of bread.

Globalisation, Imperialism, Agriculture, Contemporary Society, Culture, Food

Themes: Globalisierung



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