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The National People’s Army of the East Germany did not survive the unification of the former enemies. The Party Army was liquidated on October 3, 1990 and was swallowed up the (West) German Army. The enemy thus capitulated in full armor – and now the victor is scrapping its former opponent. What appears at first glance to be a smooth integration of hostile brothers has nonetheless left deep scars in the East German countryside. The small city Eggesin lived from war during GDR times – the army post city on the Polish border was called the "independent tank republic.” The population had learned only one trade, that of a soldier, and was caught unprepared by the reunification of Germany. Ingolf Hartlmeier had hoped to become Commander in Eggesin – and to implement a democratization of his army. Three days before reunification, the last GDR "Minister of Disarmament" , Pastor Eppelmann, sent him his discharge papers. Today he keeps his old uniform as a reminder of his erstwhile fatherland.

Cold War, German Reunification, History, Militarism, Politics, War & Peace

Themes: Geschichte



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